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Northland Metal Industries has for the past 50 years catered to the needs of the Agricultural sector in the North.

While primarily the main focus of the business is in the manufacture and construction of Rotary Platforms, Herringbone Cowsheds, Yards and Top Gates.

We also provide a variety of agricultural equipment:

  • Bobby Calf Pens - both stationery and mobile
  • Gates: Top Gate, pendulum, motorised backing gates, pick up gates, drafting gates and Eziflo gates.
  • Custom made stockyard gates
  • Curved gates rolled to suit your yards
  • Feeders - Single bail, Meal, Round Bail and Hay feeders
  • Head bails



Our experienced maintenance team is available 24 hours 7 days a week, we can help maintain, repair and service your Cowshed and Yards.  Our team can roll pipe to your requirements and weld any breakages on site.

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Hi Ross. Thanks for that….Style of the gate looks really good on site. We are very impressed. Cheers for your help.  .." Read More

Mark Williamson
Rothbury Insurance Brokers Northland

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