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Hay / Meal Feeders

We manufacture an extensive range of stock feeders, also head bails and water tippers:


Round Bail Feeders made from longlife polyethene, all metal parts are galvanised with telescopic legs which allows adjustment of meal flow. Fits 16-18 calves around at one time and holds just over a full bag of meal, can be supplied with or without bird curtains.


Hay Feeders available with or without a roof. Standard sizes are 2.44m, 3.05m, 3.66m and 4.88m, can be supplied with 2 side plastic meal feeders bins with bird curtains.


Single Bail Feeder galvanised welded mesh (150mm x 150mm sq) with polyethene roof, on legs approx. 200-250mm high, holds 1 standard bail of hay.


Round Bail Feeder galvanised pipe - 2 metres top diameter by 1 metre high, holds 1 round bail of hay.


Silage and Trough Feeders can be manufactured to order


Hay and Meal Feeder Front View

Hay and Meal Feeder

Hay and Meal Feeder Side View

Hay and Meal Feeder Side View


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