Northland Metal Industries has for the past 50 years catered to the needs of the agricultural sector in the North.

Our annual service contracts ensure that our highly qualified and experienced technicians keep your equipment running as smoothly as possible. Regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure longevity of your machines and prevents costly breakdowns. .

Besides the servicing and repairs of your equipment, our farming team also designs, manufactures and installs a variety of our own agricultural equipment.

  • Rotary platforms
  • Cowsheds
  • Head Bails
  • Bobby Calf Pens - both stationary and mobile
  • Feeders
    • Single bail
    • Meal
    • Round Bail
    • Hay feeders
  • Farm Gates
    • Top gates
    • Pendulum
    • Motorised backing gates
    • Pick up gates
    • Drafting gates
    • Eziflo gates
    • Custom made stockyard gates
    • Curved gates rolled to suit your yards
Steel Caged Trailer
Steel Feeding Area
Steel Framework For Animals