Swinging Gates, Sliding gates, Farm Gates, gates for your house, it doesn't matter what kind of gate you've got, automation is always a good idea!

Here are the 7 reasons we think automatic gates are awesome!

1. Never get out of your vehicle in the rain to open your gate again.

Look, we all know our weather is mostly unpredictable. The good folk at MetService try, but even they’re not always right.

Picture this - you’re driving home one evening after a nice meal, and it starts to pour. You’re not bothered, you’ve got a full tummy, smooth jazz playing and the heater on.

But then you get home, and you’ve got to get out of the car, IN THE RAIN, to open your gate. Nobody wants that.

But get an automatic gate, and your gate opens with the click of a button. You can drive into your garage, and then walk home nice and dry.

2. You get to impress your mates

Your gates are the first thing that people see when they get to your home. I mean sure, you could nail together some wood to keep people out, but is that what you really want?

Instead when your mates pull up to your driveway and your huge wrought iron gate is locked, have them call you.

They can then watch while your gates swing open, nice and smooth. This works even better if its raining. (See point 1)

3. You’ve got little pets who see open gates as adventure time.

If you’ve got pets, you want to keep them safe. A manual gate can be opened by anyone with opposable thumbs, or even a strong gust of wind. An open gate could mean your pets running away and getting lost, or worse.

Electric gates can be set to close automatically, and will not open unless you want them to. There’s no room for error here. Your puppers won’t be able to push them open.

Automatic gate = Happy doggo

4. You’ve got little kids

If you’ve got kids playing in your front yard, they’re not getting past your automatic gate without a remote. Also, no one is getting inside your yard without a remote or an access code.

You can rest easy knowing you’re keeping the people you love safe AND keeping unwanted people out!

5. You’re expecting a delivery when you aren’t home.

Locked manual gate? They’re taking your package back to the post office or they're leaving it OUTSIDE YOUR GATE!

Automated gate with a keypad? Give the driver an access code, and he can leave your package nice and secure, behind a locked gate.

6. You have a looooong driveway:

When your guests leave your house, you have to walk down your driveway after them to shut your gates. And then walk back home. Could be a decent walk if the weather is nice, not so much if it’s the middle of July.

But install a sensor on your driveway, and voila! Your gates will automatically open for your guests as they’re leaving your property, while you can go back to watching Netflix in peace.

7. They look so damn cool.

Watching a 100kgs of steel slide across your driveway is just satisfying to watch. It’s almost like magic!!

What do you think? Do you agree? or can you come up with better reasons to automate your gates? Let us know!