Automated & Manual Gates

At NMI, we offer a wide range of gate designs and gates for Whangarei and the surrounding Northland Region. Our team are very efficient in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of gates including security gates, wrought iron gates, household gates and farm gates.

Gates can have a range of different purposes. Whether it is for protection or to make a statement, here at Northland Metal Industries (NMI) we design, build and install all kinds of gates including security, wrought iron, household and farm gates. All our gates can be built to hang off existing posts or we can build posts to suit.

Our gates are fabricated in our workshop to the highest industry standards and designed to last. Custom-designed to match your preferences and meet your needs, we use high-quality metal and steel to ensure your gate withstands the test of time. All our gates come in manual and electronic options. We also offer galvanised gates.

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Manual Gates

manual gate

One of the more cost-effective solutions, we offer a range of manual gates for your residential or commercial property including sliding or swinging gates, hinged gates, cantilever as well as single or double gates.

Cantilever gates have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer great value for money. They are generally quieter and more efficient than regular sliding gates, easier to use and more durable. Unlike regular sliding gates, cantilevers do not require any wheels or tracks at the bottom. Instead, the sliding mechanism is attached to the top and inside of the gate, making them the perfect choice for more difficult terrain including grass, gravel and slopes.

Automatic Gates

automatic gate

Automating your entrance or driveway gate not only adds an extra level of security to your home or business, it is also a lot more convenient than the manual version. No more fiddling around with gates in the pouring rain.

Depending on the level of security and convenience you need, choose between automatic and electric gates. While electric gates use a hydraulic or electro-mechanical motor, automatic gates usually use a sensor or automated control. They can also be hooked up to CCTV, making them the perfect choice to protect your home or business.

Any of our available manual gate options can be easily automated for you. If you have an existing manual gate and would like to automate it, our team of experts can supply and mount an electronic system to suit your needs. Our electronics come with a 1 year warranty and all electronic gates are supplied with two remote controls. We also have a range of other automation options and safety features available including keypads, safety sensors and GSM.

Solar Powered Gates

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly solution to power your automatic gate, solar might be the answer for you. Solar powered gates are more cost effective than using regular electricity and are particularly suitable for long rural driveways, farms or properties with remote access with no nearby power source. However, they do require mains power backup to ensure their continued functionality even during long periods without sunshine.

Driveway Gates

Driveway gate

Each driveway is different and comes with its own unique features, hence the need for customized entrance gates to fully secure your property without compromising the overall look of your home or business. We can customize your driveway gate according to your needs, whether you prefer a manual, automated or electric gate. If you have a sloping driveway, our innovative slider hinge solves that problem. We also fabricate security gates for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Commercial Security Gates

Commercial Gate

Gate solutions for commercial businesses quite differ in regards to their requirements from residential properties. Here at NMI, we understand the importance of protecting your assets and offer tailored solutions for businesses including factories, industrial premises, car parks, schools and other commercial sites.

We offer commercial security gates in various styles, from swing gates to sliders and cantilevers, and will customize your gate depending on your needs and your budget, whether you require an automated or electric gate with specific security features, for vehicle or pedestrian access.

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